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Enquiry on How to Buy China Train Ticket

Message: Hello, i have got a question. Where i can get the tickets for the train? It is possible to by them by the internet und where in get the paper or have i go to the ticket office? Now i am in Chongqing. Can you say where is the next ticket office? Another question […]

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Getting from Beijing West Train Station to Beijing North Train Station

Messenge: I want to go to Beijing North Train Station from Beijing West Train Station to catch a train for Badaling Great Wall. Could you please tell me how can I get there in the fastest way?

6Dec2011 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Jiashan South Train Station to Xitang Ancient Town Transport Guide

Message: Is there a street map available showing where in the town Jiashan SOUTH station is located? Is it much farther from Xitang village than the main Jiashan station? Thank you for your help. Michael.

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Beijing to Mutianyu Great Wall Transport Guide

There is no direct train from Beijing downtown to Mutianyu Great Wall even though train service is available from Beijing to Badaling (Great Wall). Mutianyu Great Wall locates in the northeast outskirt of Beijing in Huairou District.

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