Pudong Airport to Wuxi, A Comparison of Bus & Train Transportation

To transport from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Wuxi, you have three options. Read carefully for their advantages and shortcomings before you make the decision.

  1. By Taxi
  2. We don’t recommend you to transport from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Wuxi by taxi as this will cost you a lot. If you are travelling with large baggage or you are traveling with 2-3 other people or it’s too early/late to take bus or train, you can consider this. A rough estimate of cost would be RMB 600-800 Yuan (for reference only, I am not a taxi driver ^_^). Driving time from Pudong Airport to Wuxi is about 2 hours and a half.

  3. By Long Distance Bus
  4. This is the most comfortable and economical way. You can take bus for Wuxi on the second floor of Pudong Airport Parking Lot. You can ask the airport’s information center for detailed address if this is not clear.
    Shortcoming is there are only a limited times of buses. If you are arriving Pudong Airport in the early morning or late night, there will be no bus available.

    Pudong Airport to Wuxi Bus Schedule and Ticket fares

    Departs Arrives Duration Seat Fares(RMB)
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
    Pudong Airport
    Wuxi 2.5-3 hours 100
  5. By Train
  6. You can get to Shanghai Train Station, Shangai Hongqiao Train Station or even Shanghai South Train Station (not recommend)from Pudong Airport to catch a train for Wuxi. Trains depart Shanghai for Wuxi every 10 minutes from 4:30am to 11:50pm. Riding time on the high speed bullet train is just 40 minutes from Shanghai to Wuxi and top class seat fare is RMB 98 Yuan.

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23 Responses to “Pudong Airport to Wuxi, A Comparison of Bus & Train Transportation”

  1. patrick says:

    good morning,

    We would like to take the public bus from pudong shanghai airport to wuxi.Can you tell me which bus terminal is this and if there are hotel nearby to the bus terminal?

  2. admin says:

    Terminal Station is called as Wuxi North Bus Terminal which is very close to Wuxi Train Station. It’s very close to the downtown and it’s very easy to find a hotel there.

  3. Lynn says:

    We are arriving early morning in Shanghai Pudong airport on a sunday morning 6am flight and would like to go to Wuzhen. What is the most confortable way to travel?


  4. Shane says:

    I want to take a train from pudong to wuxi.
    How long will it take and what is the cost

  5. Shane says:

    I want to go from wuxi to hangzhou.
    what is the quickest route and at what cost

  6. Garry says:

    Hello, I arrive Shanghai Pudong airport, eta 12.30pm. Need to go to Wuxi in the shortest possible time for meeting. Please advise your recommendation. Thanks.

  7. Jhonny says:

    hey guys,
    will arrive at pudong airport around 11pm, seems no airport bus to wuxi at tht time, any other public transport recommendations to go to wuxi at that time?

  8. Noah says:

    I would like to travel from Pudong Airport to 江苏靖江 by train/bus. I couldn’t find any map that could guide me. Can you help? Or is there any travel agency at Pudong Airport I could seek help from? Thnak you.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Noah:
      You can take the airport bus to Wuxi firstly and then transfer to another bus at Wuxi Bus Station to travel to Jingjiang.
      Frequently buses are avaliable from Wuxi to Jingjiang.

      • admin says:

        Forgot to tell you, you can also find direct bus from Shanghai General Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station or Shanghai West Bus Station to Jingjiang.

  9. Noah says:

    Hi, Thank you for the reply. I need to know from Pudong Airport, how to get to Shanghai General Bus Station, Shanghai South Bus Station or Shanghai West Bus Station. How long it would take to reach Jingjiang?

  10. Noah says:

    Hi I’m relatively new to China.
    1) Please provide detail route from Shanghai Pudong Airport to 江苏靖江 ?
    2) from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Wuxi? I need to stay a night at Wuxi before someone pick me up the next morning to 江苏靖江.

    Please provide bus number and the price of the ticket and the travel time. Thank you very much.

  11. ujay says:

    please i need to go to yongkang and jiangshan city in zhejiang, minqing in fujian, chaoan in guangdong and dongguang in guangdong.
    my flight lands in shanghai on friday afternoon, how do i go?

  12. hassan says:

    i will arrive shangahai airport at 3 oclock after noon is there bus from the airport dirict to wuxi.

    thanks and best regards


  13. sachin says:

    I reach the pvg at 2.50pm I want go to wuxi in huishan dist

  14. Sherra says:


    May I know how can I get to Jiangnan University from Pudong Airport?

    Could I take the bus from Pudong Airport to Wuxi, then take a bus there? Which bus should I take? What is the earliest and latest time for the buses?

    Thank you!

  15. Sergio says:


    next month I’m going to China for my first time, arriving to the Pudong Intl.Airport.

    How can I go from the airport to Wuxi using high speed trains? (I prefer to use the MagLev train if it’s possible)

    Thank you in advance.

  16. I need to travel from shangai to wuxi and travel to wenzhou is it better
    to hire a car to this place to travel or bus would be fine pls tell me

  17. Cheryl Suares says:


    Can you let me know if the airport bus from wuxi to pudong, run on the weekends?

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