Questions on Travel to Tianjin Tanggu Cruise Port

I found your helpful Web site on train travel and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. I will be staying in Beijing for a few days and then going to Tianjin/Tanggu to go on a cruise on the Diamond Princess. I will be staying in Tianjin the night before I leave for the cruise. I was planning to take the bullet train from Beijing to Tianjin, but now I am wondering if it makes more sense to take the train to Tanggu instead.
I tried to look at information online but it is hard to find the exact location of the new Tianjin International Cruise Home Port to figure out where it is located compared to the different railway stations. Can you help with these questions?
1. How far is the cruise ship port from the Tianjin railway station and the Tanggu railway station? What is the approximate travel time and cost by taxi?
2. Is there anything interesting to see or do near the Tanggu station? It seems there was more near the Tianjin station, which is why we got a hotel near there.
3. It seems that there are only a few trains between Tianjin and Tanggu in the morning, if I want to avoid taking a taxi. Is that correct?
Thank you for your help.

This is a photo of Tanggu Train Station in Tianjin. People taking bullet trains from Beijing should depart here for the International Cruise Port located in Dongjiang Area

Hello, Let me answer your questions:
1. Tianjin International Cruise Home Port locates in the south tip of Dongjiang Port Zone with Dongjiang Bonded Port in its neighbouringhood. It opened to the public on June 26, 2010. Distance from Tanggu Railway Station to Tianjin International Cruise port is about 20km. Travel time is about 30 minutes and ticket price is about RMB 80-100 Yuan to transport by taxi. It’s quite far from Tianjin Railway Station to the cruise home port. Riding time for a taxi is about 1 hour and ticket price is about RMB 200 Yuan. Please note, it’s just an estimation. I am not a taxi driver.
2. I don’t know any famous tourist place in the surrounding area of Tanggu Train Station. It’s a good idea to get around Tianjin downtown instead of Tanggu. Tianjin Train Station locates in the downtown area and in its nearby are Jinwan Square for entertainment, Gold Street in Heping Road for shopping, Xikai Church for Catholic prayers and etc.

An Overview of Tianjin International Cruise Terminal

3. Just doing a search through China Train Guide.Com , you will find trains running from Tianjin to Tanggu. As you can see, there are two trains running in the morning. I’d suggest you have Tianjin to Tanggu train ticket purchased too when you are trying to purchase ticket from Beijing to Tianjin in case ticket may be sold out if you purchase it the next morning to travel from Tianjin to Tanggu.

Useful Link:

Beijing to Tanggu High Speed Train Timetable
Beijing to Tianjin High Speed Train Timetable

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  1. Bob Werner says:

    Exactly how to drive from Tanggu railstation to International Cruise port in Dongjiang Port area. Maps do not show the new cruise terminal.

  2. Mike says:

    Cruise terminal is at bottom of Yazhou road. If you zoom in close enough on Google Maps you will see it identified as “Tianjin International Cruise Home Port.” (Actually, I just tried inputting “tainjin international cruise home port” in Google Maps and that worked also!

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