Get to Beijing from Tianjin Binhai Airport

There are quite many options for you to transfer from Tianjin to Beijing, please check the followings to select the one that matches your requirments best.
Option 1: most convenient:
Passenger can take the airport bus from Tianjin Airport to Beijing Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station (which is very close to the downtown) directly. Buses depart at 10:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:40pm and 5:00pm respectively Monday to Sunday. Ticket price is RMB 35 Yuan and time duration is about 2 hours.
You can book the airport bus ticket by calling either 22-24905966 or 22-60533328 (please add country code 0086 for international call).

Tianjin Airport Photo

Tianjin Binhai Airport Photo

Option 2: most frequently:
Traveling on tight schedule & tight budget? Taking the bullet train to Beijing from Tianjin (East) Railway Station is a good solution for you. Passenger should take the airport bus to Tianjin (East) Railway Station firstly and then change a bullet train there for Beijing South Railway Station. Airport buses depart for Tianjin (East) Railway Station every half hour from 6:00am to 7:30pm Monday to Sunday. Place to take the airport bus is at No. 2 gate, domestic exit of Airport Terminal. Ticket price is RMB 10 Yuan.
There are many trains running from Tianjin to Beijing, check the following link for latest train timetable and ticket price information from Tianjin to Beijing.Beijing Tianjin Bullet Train
Option 3: most comfortable:
You may just want a comfortable trip and not caring too much for money. Well, we would suggest you charter a taxi. Distance from Tianjin Airport to Beijing downtown is about 200km and time duration is 2 hours and taxi fare would be RMB 500-600 Yuan.

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  1. 艾利斯 says:


  2. admin says:


  3. 钟先生 says:


  4. Robert says:

    I shall be leaving Beijing on Friday 12th October 2012 and flying to KL via Tianjin.
    Can you tell me if I can get a bus from Beijing to Binhai International Airport. The flight leaves at 1550 hrs on the 12th.
    There will be 4 adults traveling together
    Robert Miller

  5. Gean says:


    I will be arriving at Tianjin Binhai International airport on 19 May, 3pm and intend to travel to Beijing after I land.
    I heard there is there a long distance bus that I can take to Beijing (Bawangfen bus stop) from Tianjin airport directly. May I know the time schedule of the bus, price, and traveling time?



    • admin says:

      Dear Gean:
      Yep, you are right. There are two buses leaving from Binhai Airport to Beijing Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station after your landing. One departs at 3:40pm and the last one departs at 5:00pm.
      Time duration is about 2 hours and ticket price is Renminbi 30 Yuan each.

  6. Tan says:

    I shall be flying from KL to Tianjin. Can a taxi take 4 adults together with 4 big luggage to Beijing.


    • admin says:

      Dear Tan:
      There should be no problem to accommodate 4 adults on a taxi; however, I doubt it can accommodate 4 big luggages at the same time.

  7. Yeo says:

    Hi I’m coming to Tianjin from Singapore on 29th Dec and if I want to take the airport bus directly to Beijing bawangfen long distance bus station directly, do I have to call in to book tickets or can I just buy directly when I reach Tianjin airport ?

  8. Sandra says:

    Hi, I’m coming to Tianjin on 9/3/14 and travel to Beijing. Then will leave Tianjin on 13/3/14 at 9.00am flight, may i take the earlier bullet train at south Beijing 6.30am to Tianjin on 13/3/14. Kindly advice.
    Thank you.

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