How to get from Beijing Airport to Beijing South Train Station

Want to travel from Beijing to Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan and etc by China’s high speed bullet train after arriving Beijing Capital International Airport? You may need to transport from Beijing Airport to Beijing South Railway Station firstly to catch bullet D train or G train there.
It’s easy to transport between Beijing Airport and Beijing South Train Station using Beijing Subway network. Here are the steps:
1. Catching an airport express train from T3 or T2 terminal building for Dongzhimen. Riding time is about 20 minutes and ticket price is RMB 25 Yuan. Check here for Beijing Airport Express Route Map and Schedule.
2. Transfer from airport express train to Beijing Subway line 2 at Dongzhimen station and ride eight stations until Xuanwumen Station. Riding time is about a quarter and ticket price is RMB 3 Yuan.
3. Transfer from Beijing Subway line 2 to line 4 at Xuanwumen Station and ride three stations for Beijing South Railway Station. Journey time is 5-6 minutes and you don’t need to pay addtional fee for subway transportation.
Check here for Beijing Subway Map

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  1. Sarbini Wono Ir.MT says:

    I have flight bejing – hongkong at 10.00 am 23 june. but i lve in tiajing until 22 night. How i must choose time my bullet train tianjin- beijing and how i must transfer to fast train to beijing capital airport ?

    Thank you
    Sarbini W

  2. Mike says:

    I will travel arrive at Beijing airport at 5pm and i want to connect with train to Shenyang, how can you help me

    • admin says:

      Hello, Mike:
      You should firstly take the airport metro to Dongzhimen and then transfer to metro line 2 from Dongzhimen to Beijing CENTRAL Train Station. You can then depart from Beijing Central Train Station for Shenyang by the train. Please search China Train Guide.Com for train schedule.

  3. judith says:

    I will be taking the bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing.
    From the train station I will immediately need to take a taxi to the Beijing airport.
    How long will that take to get to the airport and how much will it cost?
    I will need to be at the airport by 2pm on a Sunday.
    Thank you!

  4. Ratna Apriyanti says:

    I want to go to shanghai by G train (bullet train) directly after we arrived at beijing airport. In your opinion, which best transportation for us to take ? (airport shuttle, taxi or beijing subway) but for your consideration we will arrive at 01.10 am.
    Since we’re travelling in a group consists of 6 persons, can we take 1 taxi ? is there any rule which prohibit us to ride a taxi more than 3 persons in 1 taxi ? is it save for us to travel by taxi ? is beijing subway operate 24 hours..? thank you .. please kindly reply my message asap….

    • admin says:

      Hello, Ratna:
      By the time you arrive Beijing Airport, shuttle bus and subway would have been stopped operation.
      It’s now allowed to accommodate 6 person in one taxi, therefore, you will have to hire 2 cars to move to the downtown

  5. Alan says:

    Hi. I will be travelling from Tianjin to Capital Int. Airport on a Friday afternoon in early June. I hear some bad reports of using a car transfer in terms of crazy drivers, so was looking at using the High Speed Train, arriving at BJ South between 7.30 – 8.30pm.

    The options onward are taxi and subway. From searching online it seems it may be hard to get a taxi at this time, but that the subway is also very crowded.
    Am I crazy to try either, should I just stick with a car transfer from Tianjin? Will both opions be fairly easy by 8.30pm?
    I don’t have to be at the airport until 9.30pm, and I will only have a small trolley bag. I would like to try the subway, but some of the photos make it look packed.
    If I was to use the subway, would it be better to go to Jiaomen West and then line 10 around to Sayuanqiao and the Airport Express onward, and avoid line 2? Thanks very much

    • admin says:

      You can take a direct bus from Tianjin to Beijing Airport, check this web page

      • Alan says:

        Thank you for the reply. Sorry, but I should have been more specific in my earlier request. I will working the day in TEDA in the Binhai area, and the last bus leaves Tianjin at 6.30pm, and so I am not guaranteed to be able to get there in time after I finish work. Estimate is an hour to get into the bus station from where I will be working.
        So I would actually be looking at catching the 6.19pm or 7.29pm trains from Tanggu, and arriving at BJS at 7.18 or 8.28pm respectively. Thanks again.

  6. sayed nasr says:

    Hi Sir
    How much approx. time does it take to go by car from Beijing Airport to Beijing South Railway Station
    Best Regardes
    Sayed Nasr

  7. hitesh says:

    i m coming from India( Mumbai) to Beijing. and from there i want to go to Qingdao by train. so can u help me for which train is best and how to reach.

  8. Anca says:


    I am speaking on behalf of a group of 42 people. We arrive in Beijing Capital International Airport on the 13th of September 2013 at 05:15 in the morning. We have to get to Shanghai in the same day, but we don tnot have a big budget. We do not know how to get from the airport to the closest train station. What do you reccomend for us?

  9. Paul Neal says:

    Hello! I plan on arriving Beijing South rail station from Shanghai and need to head to PEK for a flight at 1830 hrs. How would one get from Beijing South to the PEK Airport and how long should I expect the travel time to be?

    Thanks so much!


  10. sozol says:

    i am from Bangladesh. i will go to tianjin next middle februalry. after arriving beijing airport how can i go to railway station. will i see the indicator in English in railway station. how can i detect the ticket counter, or specific train, or platform ?
    i mean i dont know chinease language. As a foreigner how can i use (Purchase Ticket, find the train, platform) the railway station easily.

    do any one help me ?



  11. Joe says:

    Greetings, i will travelling on high speed train from Shanhgai arriving Beijing at 16h55 on the 7th Aug 2014 and need to get to Beijing Airport for my flight to South Africa. Please advise how i should go about that including the time it takes together with costs.



    • pike says:

      u can take Beijing Capital Airport Shuttle Bus

      from South Railway Station → Airport (T2→T1→T3) cost CNY24.
      the shuttle bus departure station is at north corner of the railway station.

  12. Malik says:

    Dear sir my flight”ll. reach Beijing airport at 23:45 pm. I want to change Beijing airport to Beijing south railway station . Please guide me . Regards malik

  13. PAULINE says:

    Greetings, i will travelling on high speed train K411 from Beijing arriving Weihai on the 14May 2014 and after arriving beijing airport , how can i go to railway station. will i see the indicator in English in railway station. how can i detect the ticket counter, or specific train, or platform ?Please advise

  14. Bokhodir says:

    HI Dear All…’
    i have a quation about how to get from Beijing to Guangzhou…’
    From Beijing airport i will catch Beijing airport Express subway… and pls give me right address to get to Guangzhou bullet train station in Beijing…..’

    Thanks an advance

  15. waqas amin says:

    Dear ALL,

    i will arrive at beijing capital airport at 15:50 on 4 sep. 2014, approx. how much time will consume to reach at beijing south railway station because i want to catch G201 train at 17:55.Is is possible for me to catch it?and what is the easiest way to reach at the station from airport?.

  16. Khan says:

    I will arrive at Beijing International airport on 29th September morning 7:00am, I have to go to Changchun (Jilin Agriculture University). Can I buy air ticket for Changchun at Beijing international airport? because I have not advance booking facility. Or guide me if I want to go to Changchun via bullet train so which railway station is nearest to Beijing international airport,and from where I buy train D or G ticket. Please reply as soon as possible because I have to leave on Sunday.

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