Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Railway Station Transport Guide

We know you may want to catch high speed bullet train from Shanghai Hongqiao train station to Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Beijing and ect after arriving Shanghai Pudong Airport by flight. Well, let us list all transportation options from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Train Station so that you can make a selection.

Shanghai Metro Hong Qiao Railway Station

Train attendants are getting off Shanghai Metro Line 2 hurrying for Hongqiao Railway Station

  1. Taxi
  2. If you are travelling with other 2-3 people, it’s not a bad solution to charter a taxi. Distance from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Railway Station is 60km and taxi fare is about RMB 240 Yuan in daytime working hours ( from 5:00 to 23:00) and it’s about RMB 310 Yuan if you take taxi at late night (23:00 to 05:00 the next day). Please note, this is an estimated cost only ^_^

  3. Airport Line
  4. Passenger can take airport line 1 (bus) to Hongqiao East Transportation Center and then take a walk of about 15 minutes from there to Hongqiao Train Station. Ticket fare is RMB 30 Yuan and total journey time is 65-95 minutes. Operation hour of airport line is from 6:30 to 23:00 Monday to Sunday.
    This solution may not fit you if you are visiting Shanghai first time and bring with big baggage.

  5. Metro
  6. Shanghai Metro Line 2 can take you from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Train Station. Do follow these transfer procedures:
    Firstly, taking Shanghai Metro line 2 at Pudong Airport for Guanglanlu direction. Secondly, making a transfer at Guanglanlu Station (change a 4-car train to an 8 car train) for Xujing East direction and just get off line 2 metro at Hongqiao Train Station.
    Cost is RMB 8 Yuan and riding time is from 105 to 115 minutes. Shanghai Metro line 2 operates from 6:30 to 21:00.

      With any problem, please feel free to leave a messenge to us.

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    • J’arrive le 5 novembre à 17H30 à l’aeroport de PUDONG,je dois me rendre à WUXI le soir.
      Je souhaite que vous m’indiquiez le trajet par le train à grande vitesse.
      Avec mes remerciements.

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  6. winwinthan says:

    Dear sir,
    Are there buses from Pudong airport to Wuxi at 06:30Am?

    Best regards

  7. admin says:

    Hello, please check this post
    for bus timetable from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Wuxi.

  8. Cheong Wei Ming says:

    Pls advise the best transportation mode and its cost from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Bullet train station. Many thanks,

  9. admin says:

    Hello, Cheong:
    We provide 3 options in this post, please read the post carefully and select one that is suit for you.

  10. Sunny says:

    Hi, Please advise me for best possible transportation to catch a train to ningbo from Pudong airport.

  11. Ron Hillman says:

    Heard and read that Metro Line #2 from Pudong to Hongqiao airport start departures from Pudong airport at 6AM and also read they start at 6:30AM. Can someone confirm?

    Thank you

    Ron Hillman

  12. Porn says:

    For the first time Shanghai visit,if we take a taxi from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Train Station
    1. how long does it take? if we take a taxi in rush hours around 8.30hrs.
    2. which exit, we have to go to get a taxi?
    3. at Shanghai train station, we would like to take a high speed train to Wuxi station. how to buy a ticket?

    Thank you very much!!!

    • admin says:

      To answer your questions:
      1. It would take you about 90 minutes to travel from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Train Station by taxi during working hours in the day. In case you meet the traffic jam, we will not be able to predict time duration for you. We would suggest you travel by subway if you can as there is no traffic jam for it.
      2. It will be easy for you to find taxi by following the guide sign while you are exitting the airport.
      3. You can purchase ticket directly through the ticket counter of train station. Check this url for for Shanghai to Wuxi Train.

      • Paul says:

        Thank you for your reply.

        Now, We will arrive Pudong Airport at 6.30 am. and
        we have to go to Shanghai Railway Station at about 9.30 am before take a high speed train to Wuxi at 10.00 am.

        We would like to
        1. take a Maglev to Longyang Road Station. Then, take a taxi Shanghai Railway Station.
        2. take a Taxi directly to Shanghai Railway Station

        Please advise the duration time?
        Thank you again.

        • admin says:

          Sorry, we can’t give you exact taxi duration as it is decided by the traffic condtions.
          Please read the post carefully to choose a solution for you.

  13. Paul says:

    if we arrive Pudong Airport at 6.30am and we have to take a train from Shanghai railway station to Wuxi station at 10.00am

    please advise the duration :
    1. go by taxi directly to Shanghai railway station
    2. take Maglev to Longyang Rd. station and then take a taxi to Shanghai railway station.

    Thank you again.

  14. pankaj says:

    we will arrive at shanghai pudong airport at 12 pm. we have to take a train from shanghai hongqiao railway station to hefei at 2 pm. pls advise us the fastest way to travel from pudong airport to shanghai hongqiao railwat station to catch the train to hefei

    • admin says:

      Hello, Pankaj:
      The fastest way is to take Maglev to Longyang Rd. station and transfer to subway line 2 for Hongqiao Train Station. Time duration is about 1 hour and a half.

  15. Sala says:

    I will be arriving at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Sunday, would you please tell me if there is a bus who takes to Hongqiao Railway Station. and how long it takes to there, thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello, Sala:
      No direct bus is available between Pudong Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station.
      Airport bus line 1 does connect Pudong Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Airport together with time duration of about 70 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao Train Station.

  16. Eric says:

    my first time in shanghai i will arrive at 3pm at hongqiao railway station can you please help me what bus number from hongqiao railway station to shanghai pudong airport? how much it cost? Xie-xie..

    • admin says:

      No direct bus is available between Pudong Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. Please read this post carefully to select an option for you.

  17. Meo says:

    Hi! I have a lot of questions. We’re a group of 4 first-time travellers to shanghai. Our plane arrives at Pudong airport at 12:30 AM on March 10. We plan to take a taxi to a train station to nanjing. Which railway station should we go to? I was told that the first train leaves at around 6:30 AM, is it safe to pass the time at the railway station or should we wait a while at the airport before taking a taxi? Do i need to purchase train tickets in advance? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Dear Meo:
      Firstly I would suggest you search to find the train you want to take so that you can know which train station would you depart from.
      You don’t have to reserve ticket in advance as there are many trains running between the two place.
      it is quite safe to pass the time at the railway station.

  18. Meo says:

    Thanks so much! Your reply and the link was very helpful. It took me a while to return to this page coz I forgot to bookmark it. One more question– are there English signs on city and long-distances buses?

    • admin says:

      Dear Meo:
      Welcome back!
      English signs are available at the Airport. Some train stations provide English guide signs and most bus station has no English signs. In case you meet some problem, you can feel free to ask people. Passengers wearing glasses usually have good education background and has basic command of English.

  19. Mark says:

    Hi, I need to get from Pudong International airport to Hangzhou. I book my stay there. Can you kindly advise me what is the best and simpliest way to get there? i will arrive shanghai at abt 3pm…and get to Hangzhou soonest possible.

    Thank you


  20. Yi says:

    I am amused by people who think they can just go from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao in 2-3 hours from a flight. It takes 4 because of getting off and then subsequent customs if going to the train station. 5 if you need to catch a flight at hongqiao…

  21. Roger says:

    Dear sir,
    I need to take bullet train from Hongqiao Railawy station to Changzhou.
    I will be arriving at Pudong airport Terminal 1 , 7.00am.
    Please advise. Thanks.

  22. Rowena says:

    Hello, we will be arriving at Pudong Intl Airport at around midnight and plan to stay at the airport until around 5-6 am for our transport to Hongqiao train station where we intend to take high speed train to beijing. We dont have big luggage just backpacks. Do you suggest we take the taxi, bus or train. We were thinking of taking the bus for some sightseeing. Is this ok? And is there a nice place to go to and just spend time waiting for our train near the train station. We plan to take the 3pm train to beijing so we have time to eat and just roam around in shanghai.

  23. rachel says:

    Hi! I will be arriving in Pudong Airport at 1145 pm May 18 and my flight from Shanghai Hongqiao to Weihai is 8am May 19. I have read that the fastest way to catch my flight is by cab because the train and the bus would take me longer I might not catch the 8am flight. How much does it cost and is taking a cab safe? Thank you…

    • admin says:

      Hello, Rachel:
      Please tell from which place will you depart for Hongqiao Airport so that I can give you a rough cost for cab riding.
      Shanghai is a mega-city and numerous people use cab service every day, you don’t have to worry much about its safety.

  24. Maria says:

    I am travelling from Shanghai Hongqioa to Beijing on G22. Is there a preferred drop off place I can ask the taxi to take me to. Once inside the station where do I go? I have train ticket – just need directions regarding the entry to security checks etc and then boarding platform.

    • admin says:

      Dear Maria:
      No worry, the taxi driver serve many passengers year by year, he/she knows where you should drop off. Please tell clearly the driver clearly you want to go to Hongqiao Railway Station to take train.
      Another Question: the railway station is designed user friendly, you will guided to the right place with electric signs both in the waiting hall and platform to the right place.

  25. Rene says:

    Option 3 worked perfectly for me. It only took 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon to get from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Railway Station. Thank you!

    Tried a ticket machine to get a high speed train ticket, but it seems that you need a Chinese ID to get it. It wouldn’t read my Dutch passport, although it has an RFID chip.

  26. Rainbowsix says:

    Hi, I intend to take a ‘G’ train from Hongqiao train station to visit West Lake (Hangzhou), Zhou Zhuang (Suzhou) and Taihu (Wuxi).

    1) What is the estimated walking distance and time from Line 10 Metro to the ‘G’ train platform of Hongqiao train station?
    2) Which Hangzhou station should i alight to get to West Lake?
    3) Which Suzhou station should i alight to get to Zhou Zhuang
    4) Which Wuxi station should i alight to get to Taihu?

    • admin says:

      Dear Rainbowsix:
      Please check back this post as Gerben has answered some of your questions here.
      I’d like to answer the remaining questions:
      3. You can get off the train at Kunshan South Railway station. There, you can find direct bus to Zhouzhuang Water village, bus fare i RMB 6 Yuan if it didn’t change. If you want to take a taxi from Kunshan South Railway Station to Zhouzhuang, that’s still ok. Taxi fare is about RMB 100 Yuan.
      4. Wuxi Railway Station is the closet one to Taihu.
      To search train timetable, please check .

  27. Gerben says:

    Hey Rainbowsix

    1) Very short, there is a metro stop at the train station.
    2) From the main station you can easily walk to the west lake. I estimate the walking time is 30 to 45 minutes.

    Can’t help you with 3 and 4!

  28. Rainbowsix says:

    Thanks, Gerben and admin staff!

  29. David says:

    Very helpful post, thanks. I have question, and maybe a stupid one, but they couldnt help in airport in Copenhagen: I am going to transfer between Pu Dong and Hongqiau. When I arrive at Pu Dong, my guess is that there will be bus picking us up bringing us to the terminals. My question is: where do I have do get off and pick up my luggage? As if I am transferring as normal transfer in the within Pu Dong or as a if Pu Dong was my final destination and just pick up mu luggage as normal and leave to go to Hongqiau?

    • admin says:

      Dear David:
      You should pick up your luggages after arrive the airport and then transfer to another transportation tool (airport bus, subway or even taxi) to travel from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao.

  30. IBRAHIM says:

    Can someone help me this is my first time going to china i’m arriving at pudong airport and has to catch a domestic flight from Hongqiao airport how do I get there

  31. Ale says:

    is the Hongqiao Railway Station located at the Hongqiao Airport? If not, what is the distance between both? I want to take a high speed train from Hangzhou to Hongqiao airport….

  32. Prashant says:

    I will fly from Japan Narita International Airport to India on Dec. After arriving Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 13:00, I’ll need to transfer to Hongqiao Airport to take another flight that is scheduled to leave at 18:00pm for Kunming. I want to know is transit VISA required to travel from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport? If answer is “Yes” then please tell me is 5 hr enough to catch the next flight from Hongqiao Airport after arrival at Pudong Airport?

    • Karthik says:

      Hi Prashant..!
      i am travelling from Narita, japan to Delhi, India.
      i should change airport from Hongqiao airport to PUdong airport.
      do we need a transit visa? my time is within 24 hrs. Eastern china airways. Please help, thank you.

      • Nand says:

        i am travelling from Narita, japan to Delhi, India.
        i should change airport from Hongqiao airport to PUdong airport.
        do we need a transit visa? my time is within 24 hrs. Eastern china airways. Please help, thank you.

  33. Sammy says:

    I have a train ticket to Jining at 13.00 from Shanghai. My flight reaches Shanghai at 11.30 am. What is the best & fastest option to reach the train station. I will also have to get immigration check done which should take 1.30 hours.
    Thanks in advance for the help

  34. RB says:


    Is there a ticket counter at Pudong airport where I can buy a train ticket from Shanghai to Beijing? If not, what is the easiest spot to buy the ticket that has English-speaking staff?

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Michael says:

    I will be flying in from Singapore to Shanghai.
    How do I take a train from Shanghai International Airport to Yiwu.
    Thanks and regards.

  36. Sue says:

    I hv to leave Shanghai on 29th NOv,2012 for Hangzhou to catch a flight back to Malaysia by 2pm.I’m staying at Wyndham Bund East Hotel,What is d fastest mode of transport that I should follow in order not to miss my flight in Hangzhou.Shall I catch a train fm Shanghai main station or Shanghai Hongqiao station to Hangzhou or how?Pls guide me all d way fm my hotel,Wyndham Bund East Shanghai Htl,tks.Which station in Hangzhou should I alight,Hangzhou south or Hangzhou main station in order to be closer to Xioashan Airport?Pls advice,tks.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Sue:
      Hangzhou South Train Station is the closet one to Hangzhou Airport.
      You can depart from Shanghai Hongqiao or Shanghai South Train Station to get to Hangzhou south. Please search to select your train so that you can decide which train station you should depart from.

  37. Maine says:

    Why to I need to change a 4 Car train to 8 car train to east xujing station? Can I take line 2 all the way from Guanglan road station?

  38. Sue says:

    Hi – my flight will arrive in Hongqiao Airport at 16:30 and I need to connect flight from Pudong Airport at 21:40. Do you think is this enough travelling time by bus to catch next flight including check in time at Pudong? Do you have a link where I can read how to travel this way. It is my first time to travel between airports in China. Many thanks in advance.

  39. Julie says:


    I am trying to sort out travel arrangement for a colleague – 1st time in China. PLease can you advise quicket way to get from Pudong Airport to Hangzhou going on the bullet train.

    aslo is it is possible to book tickets using an english website,



  40. Prasath says:

    Hi, i will be arriving at shanghai pudong airport on 28th jan, i need to go to hangzhou.
    Which is the closest railway station, shanghai south or hongqiao?

  41. Rebecca says:


    Please direct me how to take maglev from pudong airport to grand crentral hotel shanghai !505 jiujiang road.

  42. Wilson Ho says:

    Hi, I will be arriving at pudong airport at around 6am, how do i get

    to yu hang (余杭) from pudong airport? Please advise.


  43. Nigel says:

    I’m staying in shanghai and require to get to zhangjiagang what is my and cheapest way to get their

  44. Geoff says:

    I am Arriving in Shanghai pudong international and want to get to Hangzhou on the high speed train. I don’t understand the directions because it says change trains at Guanglanlu Station (change a 4-car train to an 8 car train) for Xujing East direction. Cannot find this station on map and appears that line 2 goes to the Station Hongqiao.without making a change. Please help me to understand direcrtions
    I am arriving at 6.35pm Is this too late to get to Hangzhou on the bullet train


  45. allen says:

    i will be arriving pudong airport and will be going to nanjing international expo center,jiangsu can you teach me how to travel by train

  46. wayne says:

    Will be arriving at Shanghai Hougqiao by bullet train and need to get to Pudong International airport for trip home. What is the quickest way to get there – metro/maglev? Any estimates on time – as this is critical for us

  47. Aporn says:

    What do you mean change from 4 car train to 8 car train ? What is car train ??

  48. mahendar bhandari says:

    sir we will be arriving to pudong airport at 3pm in afternoon. i have to go to yiwu which is the quickest way

  49. Nishant says:

    Hello, I shall be landing Pudong Airport at 3:00pm on Sunday July 2013 & wish to catch a train to Taizhou (Zhejiang) from Hongqiao Station Train no D5455/D5458 which departs at 17:43. Could you please advise following:

    1) The fastest way to catch the train – Is it by taxi, how much should it cost now & approx time required?
    2) If I miss the train (which seems last train) what is the other option to reach Taizhou.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  50. Mary says:


    I’m planning to go Hangzhou in December 2013. However, my arrival flight is from Shanghai Pudong Airport.

    May I know what fastest transport do I need to take to Hangzhou (Xiaoshan International Airport) in order for me to meet my other friends which arrive at Hongzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. I’m travelling with 2 kids.

    Mary / Malaysia

  51. Cirion3 says:

    First time visit to China on Saturday.
    This page and the Q&A are a fantastic resource for traveling information.
    Keep up the good work!

  52. nisza says:

    We will be arriving in Pudong at 12midnight and want to take the first train to hangzhou through hongqiao. how long would it take for us to get from Pudong International airport to Hongqiao train station via taxi? is there any other transportaion we can take at that time?

  53. iconforbest says:


    If anyone know what is the best and economical as well as safest way to travel from pudong shanghai airpot at around nine pm to suzhou industrial park??

    I’m flying in two days and pulling my hair as for some reason I just don’t know what to do. I have kids with me as well.

    Thanks in advance

  54. Terri says:

    Please help with some information. Husband and I will be in Hangzhou on the morning of Wed, Oct. 23 and we need to take a bullet train from there to get to Shanghai Pudong airport for 4 p.m. international flight. I see there is more than one train station in each city. Please advise what is the most efficient way. And how to get from train station in Shanghai to airport. Thanks so much.

  55. Bubblegal says:


    I will arrive at 6.30am at Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport on the 20th Oct and plan to spend 1 day in Hangzhou to visit the Westlake. Pls help to advise on the following:
    1) How can i travel from the airport to train station and estimated time for me to reach the Shanghai train station?
    2) What is the name of the train station in Shanghai for me to board the train and Hangzhou to drop off?
    3) Can i buy return train ticket from Hangzhou to Shanghai from Shanghai train station directly?
    4) From Shanghai train station, how can i go to Sheraton (Hongkou)Hotel?

    Thanks in advance!

  56. rain says:


    I will arrive 5am at shai pudong ( 5 persons ) and plan to go putuosan.
    1) how I go to hotel the bund riverside hotel at 398E Beijing road, Huangpu and the transportation cost and how long it takes.
    2) how I buy fast boat ticket ? willing go to putuosan on same day arrived there and how long it takes from hotel to ticket place until arrived port to go to putuosan ?
    3) plan go to Beijing from shai by bullet train. ig Beijing stay at novotel Beijing xinqiao at 1 chong wen mwn xi da jie wangfujing. then what direction train ticket ? south shanghai to south Beijing ? or what correct direction for ticket ?


  57. Liv says:

    I am flying into Shanghai Pu Dong Airport and will need to catch the fast train to Taian directly after I arrive in Shanghai. Can you please confirm the train station I go to is Hongqiao Train Station? And I am hoping to catch the train that gets me there the fastest, leaving around 5pm. Could you advise of the timetable please?

  58. Susanne says:


    How long traveltime should one expect going from Hangzhou Railway Station to Pudang Intl. Airport on Sunday March 15? We need to be at the airport no later than 11am.


  59. cheng says:

    i want to go Nanjing city from Pudong International Airport by High speed Rail way train.

    Can i check with you,
    How long does it take to travel from PVG to Nanjing station?

  60. Anna-lena says:


    I Will be arriving in Shanghai Hongqiao Intl at 22/4 time 13:40.
    And want to take the first train to Xixia district, 210046 Nanjing.
    How do I gett the ticket and how long does it take to travel from SHA to Nanjing station.
    Maby you have a map over the Airport to the Rail way train. t
    I had lookt at theu map on the internet. But I don´t understand the direction. Please help me.


  61. Rajesh says:

    Will be landing at 11.50pm at Pudong airport and i have to catch a fast train to reach Ruian.Kindly advise on
    a) can i stay at the airport and how to catch the fast train to reach Ruian.

  62. lakpriya says:

    hi,,,i will come to shanghai pudong airport on 14th at around 16.30hrs.i want to go to Hotel Novotel Nanjing East Suning Galaxy, 9 Suning Road
    Xuanwu District
    Jiangsu Province
    210042 NANJING

    please let me know the easiest way.thanks

  63. Ambika says:

    I am travelling to Shanaghai from India. I will be reaching Shanghai PVG airport at 13.30. I need to travel to suzhou to attend an international conference. can you please provide me the detailed routemap & mode of transportation to reach suzhou from Shanghai PVG airport ?

  64. Mitchel , Texas says:

    Pls i would land at 15:30( RUSH HOUR) at PVG airport and I’ll go to Hongqiao Railway station to board my Train which is schedule to leave exactly 18:00. Pls how can i get to Hongqiao railway station very fast but i don’t wanna take Taxi. I’ve read your Article but i can’t understand how i can get bus or subway to the rail station. Pls help me with detail and step by step direction. Thanks

  65. Subhas Chanda says:

    Pudong airport to Hongqiao railway station at 12 noon.
    pl advise the route considering Meglev high speed train or direct metro.

    • Subhas Chanda says:

      Pudong airport to Hongqiao railway station at 12 noon.
      pl advise the route considering Meglev high speed train or direct metro.

  66. Top says:

    Please how can you be of help to me? I need a train or flight from Shanghai Pudong to Xuzhou. I will be at Shanghai Pudong Airport by 11:30am, 22nd (Monday) September, 2014. How do I get a fast moving train or flight from there? Can anyone in the house tell me this?

  67. Anwar says:

    I will reach at pudong airport on 25 September at 23:50. I want catch train for Fuzhou. Please guide me for this driection

  68. raj says:

    we reach pudong airport at 1.30 pm (a couple and 3 year old child) tomorrow. we have 3 big bags and a haversack with us. we need to go to beijing for a day. how do you advice we manage the luggage and the travel to hongqiao station?

  69. raj says:

    is there a facility to leave baggage at the pudong airport or hongqiao station for a day?

  70. Rani says:

    i need to catch a flight at PVG, but my local flight destination is hongqiao airport. i read on the net that maglev is available from longyang road but when i checked google map it seems far from the airport. some people say its under the same roof as the airport. please tell me how to go to this longyang road from hongqiao airport…
    thank you…

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