Beijing Moscow Train Inquiry

i want to know more about the transsibérian from beijing to moscow.
How much is it? Is it possible to stop at oulan bator and irkoutsk? And how many times to go to moscow?
Tahnk you for your answer.

Photo of Beijing to Moscow Train

A Photo of Beijing to Moscow Train

Firstly, I want to tell you we don’t have official timetable for international trains. We got international train timetable from other sources, and you can use it for reference only.
Let me list Beijing-Moscow train for you:
1. K19. The train departs Beijing every Saturday at 11:00pm and arrives Moscow at 6:13pm next Friday. Middle stops include Shenyang, Harbin, New Siberia and etc.
2. K3. The train departs Beijing every Wednesday at 8:05am and arrive Moscow at 2:28pm next Monday. K3 does pass through Ulan Bator of the Republic of Mongolia and Irkoutsk of Russia.
3. Ticket Price. trains mentioned above offer 3 types of tickets: hard sleeper, soft sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper. Ticket price is RMB 4049 Yuan for upper hard sleeper and RMB 4473 Yuan for lower hard sleeper. Price for soft sleeper is RMB 5962 Yuan and price for deluxe soft sleeper is RMB 6527 Yuan. There are two beds in each deluxe sleeper cabin and there are four beds in each soft sleeper cabin as well as in each hard sleeper cabin.

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